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Always match your customer profile with what the target segment reads or visits online. If you are uncertain, speak to a few target customers and find out.

Consider how much you normally spend on marketing, and how effective it is in relation to your business objectives. Assess what your competitors are doing - if they are advertising heavily, you might need to do the same to ensure your message is heard.

We work with all kinds of businesses including those in healthcare technology, professional services, real estate, retail, and technology. We take the time to talk with you and learn about your business so that we can promote it in the best way possible.

Search engines like Google, Social media platforms like Instagram, Individual websites that match your customers’ interests.

Yes. We can help you decide on paper and help you look for local printers in your area, or you can outsource the whole process to us.

We can operate as your outsource marketing department to provide you with support in the areas you need most.